in temporium

how sweet the voice of time
with dimension with age
with a sorry pencilled in exquisite cursive
marginally seen
after thought just before another carnage
slanting in a meager minute for change
a sparkling champagne challenge
bubbling down the drain
with a hand on your heart
the other erasing love every day
gently her followers gasp for daily breath
her enemies drift in dreamy death
some say she stands for the clean
wipeout washaway complete
Thar was once a garden of fecundity
where she enshrined the futility of repair
the small joys the grand sorrow
these hapless mistakes we made
she flashes over images like a tv screen
at eyes the world will not see
she sweeps on
holding a revolution in relentless obscurity
still the wind beneath our sails
edging through closed windows
howling through in gales
still her sounds inside a dying earth
laughing at us young and old
sluicing cool through an occasional tree
livening our trudging paths
so we perpetuate her hungry ask
for immortal clean
featureless serene
landmines and trees
a daft arcade always free
a gentle embalmer of hedonology
a whipping slaver of industry
an ominous portent for illusive imagery
the most beautiful view of the ground from a mountain top
a momentary conquest yet
sets my eyes ablaze
my nerves into a spiral of adrenalized pain
she has so onerous a final victory
so pleasurable
she fails to see me sneak in
a thought and a single leap
to a life in discrete
for I see all her lessons
and choose to disbelieve
for the future lies like my words
in discrete


2 Responses

  1. Superb! A ship, a language, a love. What a fantastic poem.
    “to a life in discrete” Perfect.

    ~MM – Thanks Paul!! Truly? I had rambled on a bit on this, had my doubts 😦

  2. So you tagged it the vastness of pomposity. I know what you mean. Sometimes you want to say big things and take full flight but you worry about embarrassing yourself by sounding pompous, but you shouldn’t. It is a big poem and I say hurrah!

    ~MM – Ok, then so do I 🙂 Thank you Paul, you are fantastic.

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