whispers in the rain

so much was said between
the silences of a whispering rain,
what was it why
a bedraggled tan dog with honey pleading eyes
begged me for answers
she shivered as it started
i crouched into minimal on the courtyard
trying to remember,
her eyes distract me,
the rain whispers again
I am an atom that flew somewhere
far away just a moment back,
now I return to the rain,
I will soon fly to another time,
in another kind of pain.
Her eyes are stoic and trusting,
is your pain greater than mine,
one day with magnificent sand castles
I had known
today flinch, I have no answer,
if only I could listen in on the rain.
the secrets of the universe are swishing by
and I am all that remains
your hands they were that held me quiet,
when I listened to the rain,
where are you
there are secrets being unveiled tonight


4 Responses

  1. That was a gentle and melancholy but quite beautiful rainpoem, Ms Mist.

    ~MM – Thank you Paul!

  2. your work is always flecked with piquant turns-of-phrases and adventurous imagery…


    ~MM – Hey Chico, thanks :), its good to see you here!

  3. “the secrets of the universe are swishing by
    and I am all that remains”

    I am particularly touched by the emotion and magnitude of the ideas expressed in these lines.

    I’ve read a couple of you poems and each one forces me to think about the conceptions of language that I’ve already made, sometimes I feel like I’m tripping. Thank you.

    ~MM – Thank you too, thats a huge compliment!!

  4. I think you really write from the heart.
    I love the ‘honey pleading eyes’ begged me for answers.
    Lovely phrases.

    ~MM – Thank you Cookiebiscuit :), its wonderful to see you here, welcome!

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