Drunk reflections

I am hovering right now somewhere between life and a non-sequitur, a step step step to hopeless convolution, older than last week’s fruit, younger than a whim. I will have you know I was born drunk, sobriety is merely an excellent mask and an even better petty conversationalist.

I have sinned, I can’t lie any more about the wicked joy of making life needlessly complex, im having wicked joy right now, mostly for dinner, is that so evil?

I resent the keyword “snotty” good sir, just because I know the meaning of the word “discombobulation” without looking at a dictionary! I am NOT snotty, I don’t quote french or latin or whatever else snots up the screen, while I may not like slapstick, I do not think you are stupid because I read one book more than you, there are OTHER reasons, big deep discombobulating ones

There are only a few one-syllable words I use regularly, complex is my idea of a good evening, a self designated bastion. Its a giggle that needn’t be hidden, at a bully without existential dilemmas. Ready yet to start a class on “respect yourself, so you don’t have to bring the world down just to compare”? I know, its perfectly obnoxious darling, kiss kiss, bang bang.

It all happened because I decided against giving voices to my voice, screech, glub, booom, baritone, whistle, I was busy pretending I dunno, I just said it, I dunno, sorry, um, dunno, really, no no, I didn’t mean it, I never mean anything, um, wasn’t you, hahahahahah, dunno

The integritty of my voice has predictable leanings against irony, paradox, recursion as a definition of feedback, and endless similies walking past. I just switch channels at complete random between a giant inflatable con world to a place where they could run a sound to tears, this transmission is predictably distorted, a creation of chaos from excessive order,

All I need now is a billboard and a million bucks, okay just the bucks, okay just the billboard, okay


2 Responses

  1. That is very cool. One of my favourite things I have read here. Wonderful fun with a wicked edge.

    ~MM – Nice, thanks Paul :)! I have my moments 😦

  2. Stellar self-assessment of your conversational aptitude! This reading left me as inebriated as you have so eleoquently described yourself as being–perhaps in a different manner. I must say. . .my head is still spinning. I was left wondering, …and your point is?

    In any event. . . this writing is intelligently, humorous and quite a learning experience for a common lady as myself. I love learning new words. Actually, I love learning, period. This prompted me to learn quite a few new words! Thank You kind sir.


    Peace, Light and Love to you and yours. . .

    ~MM – Hey Cordieb! there was no point, i think 😦 … i must disclose that its not “sir” but “madam”, nominally (with an oh shut up to any of my friends reading this)

    Thank you for liking it and for sharing your thoughts, peace and love to you too :)!

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