a rock with no name

there were fifty cooks and one dog
everyone must be fed they said
as they sailed around and round
on a ship with no name

slaving at an old flame
they fed the fire, they kicked the dog
sang to the sea and a bottle of ale
a little slap a little dash
a lot of fight the blues away

the sea stormed up the ship one day
rock rock rocking a force ten gale
tipping off the lurching sailors
till the fire ate up the ale
the blues, the dog, and then the sails

sunken ship, buried treasure
sailors and a watery grave
no one said was it
the sea or the ale
no one left to blame


7 Responses

  1. Hi MM
    I like this a lot – it has a strange, elusive quality, like it has ingredients which are more or less familiar, yet which are combined into something which is, in the end, somehow far out

    ~MM – Thanks a lot for that 94stranger, you made my day :)!!

  2. 50 cooks upon a ship,
    With only one bottle of ale?
    They kicked a dog,
    Then pollied a wog,
    And said WTF kinda poem is this?

    I mean, who’s piloting the ship, and why kick the dog? Cooks aren’t sailors, so who gave them the ship in the first place? And they were carrying treasure? Then the one bottle of ale somehow caught fire and some dope managed to help it spread to the sails. No wonder they sunk in a Gale Force 10. Shouldn’t been out there in the first place.

    Was the dog okay, though?

    ~MM – Ah Bunk Strutts, I’m just a weak widdle silly woman, what would I know of such things 😦 ?? Just kidding 🙂 it wasn’t a literal piece, thanks for thinking aloud, thats a rare gift, I truly appreciate it! Oh, and the dog was fine, he went to the great dinosaur exhibit in the sky 🙂

  3. i needed a sea shanty today, especially one with dogs and ale and blue and fire. good fun.

    ~MM – Glad to help Jason :)!

  4. That is a wild and crazy sailor’s tale sea shanty poem. Made for singing on a rollicking deck.

    ~MM – Thanks Paul :)!!

  5. All in sarcastic fun, Mist. =)

    ~MM – But of course :)! Touche

  6. Shanties came to mind immediately for me, too…

    as Herman Melville once wrote: “Some sea captains, before shipping a man, always ask him whether he can sing out at a rope.”

    armed with these lyrics, a sailor’s time at sea would be smooth sailing…

    well done!

    ~MM – Chico, nice :)! Thanks!

  7. “…the mate was a mighty sailing man,
    the skipper brave and sure;
    with fifty cooks and a bottle of ale
    that was somehow flammable so they kicked the dog.”

    ~MM – Thanks Bunk Strutts :)! I will refrain, from refraining 😦

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