love song

he was every body and no one
he was a life on land
a tempest with no sound
a caricature a crank

I was a long lost rhythm
a quiver of quicksilver
trapped beneath the dust and strewn
across a lonely land

he walked over the mountains
his voice harshened by wind
he gathered up the dust and sand
he felt what lay within

my arms were burnt with chains of lust
they never saw me clean
they filled me with their eyes until
I was afraid to be seen

his hands held up my universe
his feet were braced on land
his eyes bled in sadness
he was mortal, the man

I merged into all my forms
And let him see it was I
my heart knew now it could be whole
inside a strangers eyes

somewhere without a rainbow
beneath the common sky
we stood up to starlight
and danced to dawn we danced


4 Responses

  1. Epic, mythic, beautiful.

    ~MM – Thanks Paul!!!

  2. The most apt title possible. As you probably know my poetry gene was removed prior to conception; but ‘love song’ I almost understood. I certainly detected the nuances. I also liked it.

    ~MM – Well, its quite special to me that a person without the gene liked it, Thanks Tooty :)!

  3. “a quiver of quicksilver,” that’s my favorite line.

    ~MM – Thanks Tel 🙂

  4. What a wonderful love song. . . . it rings of new love, indeed. Nothings quite as invigorating as new love. . .

    ~MM – Thanks Cordieb 🙂

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