signature (interpretive dance)


footprints come and go, classified orderlies in my white brain, they never fail to fade with seasons, their estranging reasons, but you, my dear Mirage, you stay. I learn to paint you and to stain you, to fill you and to drain you, but yet I have failed to send you away


destruction is a pattern as is seeking it, rushing vein maps, melting snowflake, tell me dear Mirage, will you wait?


the dark arts ask no craft, just entice the prey, then leach for blood, a hint of reality, a simple menace


you may keep your fingers, crossed, can’t use your retinae, yet I don’t make the words, the needs, your seething mnemon lingers, you burn to be someone, to give you away


consequences, my dear Mirage, must always be faced, a law just for you, has too dull a taste, come, lick your lips, together lets recoil, quicker than most, shock vibrato in waves


when you lock away Mirage, someday, your footprint will remain, my own, frozen tip of my day, indelible, indeniable, lovely and indelicate


One Response

  1. A shroud and then a mirage. You are working in a space where words shift, serve as fragile connections between the outer concrete world and the inner world of emotion, feeling, aftertaste, and you are doing it superbly well. The writing has such wonderful sounds and subtle variations.

    ~MM – Thanks Paul, it is always lightening to hear your point of view :)!

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