y worry

markets crash
hindsights emerge
lives uncertain
souls unsold
deaths unbenign
who’d have thought
these maddening curtains let bullets inside
no jobs for honesty
no truths untold
choking on currency
three points for gold
they say history was much worse
you ask me to believe
the world’s on hold
teetering madly
i only believe
in you


2 Responses

  1. That is a very cool poem. It sounds great and would be a good one to read at poetry readings. The ending is fantastic, what I call a turnaround ending, when the tone changes and the contrast makes the feeling much more real. A very cool poem.

    ~MM – Thanks a lot Paul!! will try it out someday :)!!

  2. You are a great writer!! I really enjoyed this poem!

    ~MM – Thanks, Sacred soul Reiki :)! Welcome to my blog!

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