Shadows in the night

I listen again for all your haunting whispers this moonless night, so many keys, so little time, there is a ray of light in front of me, a street light, cold and clinical, well defined shadows and purposes. It does more to hold down the darkness than I ever could manage, cold and clinical is easy to fake, but it always fails when shadows lengthen, the primal beast awakens and raves


Cinderella, you are my favorite darkness, I shiver at the brink of the streetlightray, too afraid to move backwards, too proud to step into light, I hear sounds I wasn’t meant to understand, and eddy winds frighten me, I am trembling and alive, sleepless lurks behind my eyes, your alchemy stings my naked skin, my heart pumps smoke, do you hear me sigh, quick so I do not miss yours


You were there when he and I fenced for losing colors, he who broke the ironguard. The victor was never in doubt, with you running my heart, we moving sadly to our heads, you interred me close with angelsong as I waited for him to come, you held me just beyond shadow, he searched the night for signs, Cinderella, I still stayed close, for want of a shadowleaper, you are my favorite Kryptonite


Why do you flinch, Cinderella filled with blood, just a little of mine, on your hands, we color the same when we drop to earth, whats one more a few more many more and all when we fade away after we fall like smoke we gently dissolve, why do you weep with I, putting lines in my face, crimps in my style, learn Cinderella so young, feeding on my years, don’t grow on me, then I will grow on you, I know just one way to be


** Something that germinated from Philnesia’s – Vampires, Werewolves et all


One Response

  1. I love this! And the second paragraph thrills me, so stark in its darkness yet so tender in its shadowy appeal.

    ~MM – Thanks Phil!! That is warming to hear :)!!

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