black hole

My black hole is a tunnel of tar with a steel glass Matrix drawn on it. I stand downstream from it, as it rapes my mind and shoots submachine dissatisfaction down desperately unlistening ears.

A gilted, drawn, stuck centipede with tar lovingly enveloping each leg, pulling them off when I try to move, to step out of me, look back critically, honestly, worthless a leg at a time, torn off, slower, softer, deader, as my many eyed legs leave me behind with the same same old tiring flaws.

Just a flawpede in tar looking for a hundred crutches to worthful. Not too far to go …


One Response

  1. That is so dark and slowly dragging yourself along. The sounds are great and I like the way the image evolves and becomes more complex too. Thank you so much for buying the book. You are amazing and I hope you enjoy it.

    ~MM – Paul, exactly, yes I am… it was a frustrated impulse, glad you liked it 🙂 !! I did enjoy the book, I am still, its marvellous!! One of the best books I read, ever, write more!!

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