sad sprite

she was born of love and lore
trenchant and fragile in filigree jade
with wisdom of a kinder age
that had not learnt yet to hate

they spun her out for a spin
decided she gave it away
then walked into her heart
took its finest blossoms
and said goodbye

in a cloud of green dust
she smiled, a brilliant sunray
lighting their lines in her face
she waved, be happy always

then wrapped a kaleidoscope
woven into a careless cape
tiltin her head
silk fanning her face
cast a melodious spell
disappeared in a puff
to a tune in her heart,
that beckoned always

they awoke from the spell
dazed and too late
searched in vain her soundless shell
why darling, where did you go?
weren’t you here to cry?

she ran away
laid out her life in a secret place
then with magic and loneliness
wrought a sorrow past compare
set it free in four winds
for ages past and ages to come
cry for her despair

her mind remained free unmade
as her body shook with all the blows
she sang wracked in serial pain
her spirit in glorious repose
radiant in color light and shade
embalmed in its mortal cage


One Response

  1. I picture her a strong woman.

    ~MM – Thank you Tomachfive! me too…

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