in transient

I read once ago
the secret doctrine of dissent
at the age of silence
unveiled my first open sore
straws came pouring down
on backs of lurid forebodings
sticks and stones, rods and canes
fingernails jabbing in the brain

I slammed out in a rage
hit back at life before
the storm broke an open page
then curled up a little peace
lifting a corner of the glittering rage
hid inside a darkened door
only to find another sore
waiting eagerly to bleed
playing in delicious melancholy
its orchestra of pain
to humor the insane

I became the violet storm
at the brink of the overcast day
screaming with the waking dead
free of all the rage unsaid
do it right, if you must be wicked
name your fight, I’ll break what you bent

in transient, 
storms don’t run the distance
of the relentless soul train
I was compressed, derailed
boxed up and left in state
waiting for ever more
for heaven, a little less pain
for a true wind
to blow the vitriol away
from between my breasts
instead this awful stillness
that leaches, lingers, remains

a corner is no place
for a dungeon with a chain
when there is no escape to see
it becomes necessary to attain
imprison me with the elements
a mile more of rope
horizons of restful brown blue green
for a grain more of hope

I lie spent today
at a provident roadblock to hell
thankful to be allowed the wait
disasters do they foretell
or do they culminate


5 Responses

  1. interesting to see this – well done

    ~MM -Thank you 🙂 !

  2. There are no half measures, really. Once it rains, it pours. Love your flow of words here.

    ~MM – Thanks Tomachfive

  3. Wow, that really rolls and rages with the rhythm and the rhyme and language. Very powerful raging poem that subsides into some kind of peace at the end. Great poem, full of force.

    ~MM – Thanks Paul :)!

  4. Your words are full of passion, and the transeint energy still lingers!

    Peace of heart to you!


    ~MM – Thanks Gypsy Heart! Its good to see you here :)!

  5. Extremely potent and dramatic imagery – wonderful indeed.
    I loved “fingernails jabbing in the brain”; and especially loved the last stanza as well. Bravo! 🙂

    ~MM – Thank you Sumedh, glad you liked it :)! Welcome to my blog…

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