Bits of mists

bits of broken mist swirl
in Lady Winter’s wistful heart
frozen by a cold wind
stunned into a pattern art
where little words would start epidemics
if they only knew where to start

in the ceaseless whittle wind
one little ray dared
a spreading warmth
and little flecks of decadent sin
sparkled in Lady Winter’s eyes

they asked the Lady Winter
how together you are
still in a piece
after being dragged so far
easy said her, one piece remains
at the end of the day
one piece remains still
when you take the rest away

they hoped
with fire, water to melt
the ice in Lady Winter’s heart
too late, it lay distant, unfelt
wrapped around its own design
lead in Lady Winter’s spine

her blue smile played, some sores
they are hard to fade
their ashes drift in frozen lakes
in mystic collodion
breathing in noises
they want to make

their mind sees more
than eyes and ears
they run too fast, crowd too near
their lives a tacit mistake
yet they guide the heart in fear

her unfrozen lashes blink
at what it means to know
and then to slowly sink
at answers thrown away to need
anchors thrown ashore in greed
at swirling bits of paper and mist
her million reasons to exist


7 Responses

  1. Very swirly winter flurry poem with very cool rhythm and rhyme that give the poem structure. It’s wonderful to read aloud again, full of energy and ideas.

    ~MM – Thank you Paul! … I’m trying to read aloud and record it, but it comes out too lame to be posted :(… Must keep at it… Good to see you here πŸ™‚

  2. Your words stir my soul!

    Good energies and peace of heart to you,


    ~MM – Thank you Gypsy Heart πŸ™‚ !

  3. Great screenplay ideas and great poetry to boot. You’re a woman of many talents. Keep it up.

    ~MM – Thank you lots πŸ™‚ !

  4. this one really weaves beautiful imagery thru words..great piece!

  5. Thanks Ruchika πŸ™‚ !

  6. Thanks for stopping by my site; I’m glad you did because it brought me here. i absolutely adore this piece; it’s sole full of vision and imagery and there’s something very other-wordly about it that I love. “Where little words would start epidemics / If they only knew where to start.” I love that!!!

    ~MM – You know what they are my favorite lines too, I have no idea why, because they didn’t fit at all logically … I feel vindicated! Thank you lots Telmcg πŸ™‚ !!

  7. always excellent to read aloud – something I do with each poem

    ~MM – Thank you Deanjbaker! I am trying, just need to overcome some reticence for public speaking 😦

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