Dark Angel

A smooth humming lonesome angel
Drifted across my sleepless eye
I watched my mirage come apart,
As the miracle beneath came alive
A green calm overthrew in waves
The darkness in my mind’s night

Life wound down to a new octave
The Listen for the dark angel song
The timeless moody haunting tune
Dry brush rip tide morphine smooth

I wonder, dark angel if
I could this once keep your eyes
Steady, unflinching, unsurprised
Dark clouds, black sky, angry plain
Burnt in perfect in my brain

The texture of a masterpiece
The taint of the unborne
The temerity of a thousand
The tangle of the torn
The saint, the sinner, the chains, the prize
One withdrawn teardrop in my eyes

Make your moves, my angel
Drawn out in sand, snapped and framed
Or engraved in stone, to be blown up again
On the path of everywhere
That I veer to with you
Head off my insistent nothing circles
For I am never pleased
Yet I’ll be just around the corner, arguing unceased
Crying foul and ferrule, my feet walking along
The back of my head, always listening
For your secret song


4 Responses

  1. Great rhythm and sounds and a wonderful mixture of images chasing your angel around. This would be a great poem for you to read aloud, it has a wonderful feel to it.

    ~MM – Thanks a lot Paul :)! I will try my hand at recording it…

  2. I loved the imagery! Powerful usage of words.. You’ve portrayed an amazing sequence of images.

    Lovely work! 🙂

    ~MM – 🙂 Thank you, Disturbed Stranger!!

  3. My god, this is beautiful and lyrical! I love the way your poetry flows.

    ~MM – Thank you 🙂 !

  4. […] You can read the poem here […]

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