Poison, I’m struck dumb again, with the beauty of your unoriginal sins. The dullest shades of a breaking wound, breathe life to myriad evil sin, with just a drop of your luminous poison, trickling deep within. Your mind decays before my eyes, your soul shouts from perdition, Yet, Poison, I extend my hand to sympathize, just to feel you bite again.

Poison, we sit across, dark and light, a face off on a melting fence. I must crossover every night, to see your side of existence. Poison, I always hop back each day, torture myself with abstinence. For Poison, a day of joy in soulless life, is worth the trade of experience

Poison, your heart ruthless, innocent, the perfect shrine for a leaky pen, your raison’d’existance. Poison, I cannot keep my distance, so I bide my time instead. Poison, I bow to your insistence, but be warned, I am not without defense.

Poison I know not anymore, what I hope for,
you which are unquenchable,
you which be indefensible
your dead beauty or your miasmic influence,

Poison slow dissolve in me, feel my rapture in resonance,
Poison, I love you weak, I offer no resistance,
Poison, hush still, now don’t speak, just wallow in our confluence,
Poison, I am your ocean deep, the nemesis of your existence
Poison, I no longer weep, I have no one to cleanse


4 Responses

  1. I couldn’t resist replying to your comment in an actual entry at my blog. The specific post is here.

  2. Thank you Jake! I really appreciate your ideas on this subject!!

  3. This is incredible….really, really. The rhythm, in particular, is wonderful. This would be wonderful read aloud as a spoken word piece. Have you ever read your poetry at a poetry slam or spoken word venue? This particular piece would be so wonderful spoken!

  4. Hey Kalliope, thanks, thats high praise coming from you 🙂 !! No, I havent read my poetry anywhere, nobody asked before 😦 … i’m also very stage shy …

    I will try now, rest assured, I will leave no soapbox unturned 🙂 … Thanks very much!!

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