Love Story – In Animate

The puppet master was once like you and me. He wore a dress, worked for money, raised children, waited for death… But there came one important difference. At some point of his life, he gave people up for puppets. He wanted only to live with and around puppets. Of course, you wouldn’t call him a puppet master otherwise, right?

He wasn’t always called the Puppet Master. Earlier his name used to be Henry or Tom or Amit or Radheshyam. And somewhere along his life, he failed at making people love him. Not ALL people, of course, but some people, that he really loved. They didn’t love him back. You see, people, they are free. You can love them all you want, and they will not love you back unless they want to. But that’s ok. After all that’s what makes them different from us, right? That’s why we love them so much, right?

The Puppet Master never understood the word “free”. Possibly because he had never understood the word “love” either. No one had loved him enough to explain it to him. Love, my dears, free love, is one of the most powerful forces in the world. Yes, more powerful than nuclear explosions and the ozone hole. But love is a good force, a happy force, a healing force. It can also become one of the most destructive forces in the world, if there is not enough of it in return. So hug your husbands, wives, mommas, papas, boyfriends, girlfriends, thathas, pattis, dogs, cats and canaries right now, and every day and tell them you love them. Because you can never show them enough how much you care about them.

Anyway, back to our hero. More like an anti-hero actually. Although he himself would never believe that, so whisper it quietly, so he doesn’t hear.

Our anti-hero loved this one girl in particular very much. He loved her like the sun moon stars and all planets in the galaxy. His love was so vast, you couldn’t see it fully even from a satellite. His logic was very simple. He loved her so she must love him back. He wanted love to be like a business contract. So he chased the girl with roses and ribbons, he followed her everywhere, he wrote her letters, he called her constantly, all the while saying one thing – “Love me, love me, love me”

But she was a little deaf, so she did not understand him. She was in fact a little afraid and thought he was harassing her. She kept running away from him. He didn’t understand. Why was she running? He LOVED her. Did she not understand that? She didn’t. He couldn’t stop chasing her. He saw many many other prettier girls, but he wanted only her. Some people say he wanted her so much only because she didn’t love him. If she had only agreed to love him, he would have stopped loving her and become a much nicer person. But we must not deal in what ifs we must tell what actually happened, right?

It wasn’t like no one loved the puppet master. His family and friends and pets, they all still loved him. But he was not satisfied until SHE loved him. He could not understand why she wouldn’t love someone so amazing as him. A very strange thing, is love.

Our puppet master was broken hearted. But he was by no means defeated. He was a creative thinker and he needed to feel good about himself very badly. So he decided that he would play with puppets and produce puppet shows. At least puppets were easier to manage. They did exactly as they were told. And he could be the hero of his shows all the time. His puppets were the kind of people who mostly did not think for themselves. For some, it was because they were so used to doing what they were told, they didn’t know any different. For some, it was because it was so very convenient to carry on without thinking, they were used to taking the easiest roads in life.

He learnt about all these puppets, how to control them, how to insert his fingers into their brains, up their cerebellum, wiggling in their medulla oblongata, to make them think and do exactly as he wanted. Sort of like a real life zombie movie. And he used our most powerful force, LOVE, to control them. Because of his own experience, he knew how powerful love was and figured out the best way to use it for his own happiness. Of course, the very BEST way would have been if the girl, lets call her “Eve” shall we, loved him. So he actually figured out the SECOND best way to use love.

And what a way it was, my dears! His puppet shows were the talk of the audience. He used mostly lady puppets (he could control only a very few guy puppets, love works best on the opposite sex). He was always the hero, the most intelligent, magical, larger than life, all powerful superhero of myth that all the female puppets chased. He managed to keep them all happy by massaging different parts of the brain to produce different kinds of happiness in each of them.

So while one puppet sighed at his sensitivity, another fluttered her eyelashes at his romantic ardor, and a third waxed eloquent at his raw animal magnetism. You see, the puppet master figured out the ideal man, and became that. Can you become ideal? Of course, but for that you must forsake being real. Most people are not ready to do that, but the puppet master did it willingly. Because, he had had enough of reality and he hated how it made him feel. At least in the ideal world, the puppets told him how great he was and all the audiences laughed and clapped. In the real world, no one understood him or his greatness.

But the puppet master was no longer happy. He wanted his puppets to worship him and to deceive him into thinking they loved him for him, and not for his puppeting skills. In short he wanted to set them free and still love him. He didn’t like making them feel exactly what he wanted them to feel any more. That was when he found her. The ideal puppet. She was not stupid or lazy, but wonderfully creative too. She too had never seen free love and mistook his adoration for free love. My dear, if you want something badly enough, anything you look at will seem like what you want. And she wanted love badly enough. She liked being controlled, she liked being a puppet, at least that is what she told herself.

And then started a glorious love affair between the puppet master and his favorite puppet. He would snap his fingers and she would do the most beautiful twirl for him, just for him, and for the audience of course, who went wild. He pointed a direction and she would go marching with her eyes closed. Only because he wanted her to. The puppet master was smitten. THIS must be true love, not the selfishness of Eve who never understood him. This must be his one true sole mate. They produced glorious shows together, the puppet master and the chief puppet. The master used the puppet to achieve heights he had never seen before.

He then started noticing some flaws in his darling puppet. A little touch here, and a little tuck there, and she became more perfect than before. She even began to look a little like Eve. He told himself that perhaps she always had been a little like Eve, he had just never noticed it till now. He started making more suggestions with the waggling finger in her brain. Change your outfit a little, lose a little weight there, perhaps, think more on this subject, not so much on that subject, no no, this is what you really feel, my darling puppet, that is what you really want, my angel fluff…

The beautiful puppet became slowly dissatisfied and even unhappy, without knowing why. Her creativity started become monotonous. But she was no stupid puppet, remember, she was here because she wanted to be a puppet. Now she wanted to be the puppet master too, just sometimes, not all the time. She had observed the master closely and knew his methods now.

Her attempts at mastery made the puppet master angry and very threatened. She had become too much like Eve now and he didn’t want to feel all that pain again. He told her to hurt herself. She did it, no longer a puppet, but a puppet in love, which is a very vulnerable puppet indeed. He was immediately sorry, and said so and consoled his favorite puppet in the most charming manner possible. The puppet felt enormously happy that her master loved her so truly. Her attempts at usurping mastery stopped, for now.

But from then on, she always kept trying, and failing, because it was too late for her. She was in love, the blinding love that is unleashed after years of being denied. That made her a true puppet. And he, he knew not what love was in the first place, so he couldn’t be in love even if he wanted to. That made him the true puppet master.

And so they lived to immortality, the puppet who could have been everything she ever wanted, and the master, who took away everything she ever wanted, and thus became everything she ever wanted…


2 Responses

  1. Yo girl… you know what…this makes me smile 🙂

    Nicely written. Love it.

    😀 Obsession-dependency is also love…


  2. Thanks Estamani :)! Do visit again!

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